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Choose English, French, Spanish, Slovak for foreigners, or learn more languages ​​at the same time. 

Use the credits from your package for any lesson in the offered languages.

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Are vocabulary and grammar a nightmare for you? Human language is so natural though. We do not make simple things complicated. Perezoso is not about intricate tables, lists and extensive exercises. We open your mind and untie your tongue. 

Perezoso helps you speak naturally and with ease. Pick up any lesson you like, combine individual and group lessons. Learn and have fun from the comfort of your room, bed or cafe.

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Would you like to focus only on writing emails or improve your speaking? Make your own plan and focus only on what you really need.

Choose from a variety of topics and enjoy your lessons!

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We know that there are early birds among us, but also night owls. Do early morning hours or late evenings suit you better? Working days or weekends?

You don't have to stick to a strict language schedule. Schedule your lessons when it suits you. Something just came up? Simply cancel and reschedule your lesson within 24 hours before it starts. 

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Experience authentic situations, take part in real conversations and get ready for communication with your clients and business partners. We will not bother you with complicated grammar. Instead, we will guide you to use the language naturally in everyday situations. 

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Do you dream about working in construction, hotel business, nursing, or in another specific industry? With us, you can choose what you want to learn. Create your own learning system according to the topics that interest you. Move your language skills to another level smoothly. 

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