Opinions of our students

“Rating from 0-10. Hmm so 11. I'll tell you a short story. I came to Switzerland (French part) for work, I could hardly say "Bonjour". I told myself that I need to learn at least some French. Within a month I started to understand and I could even reply. After half a year of learning French with Perezoso, I was already feeling self-conscious about talking to anyone, but I also wanted to be able to write. Since I was working, it was hard for me to get ready for classes, but mostly it wasn't even necessary. The way I was taught was so good that I understood everything right away. I was most excited when we went over a material and I heard it the next day at work, for me it was like discovering America. The classes lasted about 50-70 hours and where I am now: thanks to French I have moved up 3 salary ranks and this August 2021 I am going to a Swiss school to do a CFC diploma (superstructure with a baccalaureate) in my field to go even higher. And besides my career, which was my goal, I have a lot of Swiss friends and I feel like I'm in at home since my language barrier has disappeared. Many thanks to my teacher, who not only taught me and motivated me, but also remained my good friend.

Henrich H.

“Teaching via Miro is different than traditional Skype or Zoom lessons. It's more visual. What I liked most about the lessons was that I could choose topics according to my interest, lots of pictures and videos, and the ability to participate in the lesson by writing on the whiteboard. The visualisation of sentence construction by moving and stacking words helped me in learning grammar, I also liked the ability to write notes on the text and then to match them with the pictures.“

Jana D.